Thug Mills - How Good Is This?

Thug Mills - How Good Is This?

Melbourne band, Thug Mills speaking into microphones about yelling into microphones.

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    Swim Shorts

    If you're not sure why your swimming shorts have mesh lining, and are curios to find out why then this is the episode for you.

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    Sheep Based Technology

    Dante bought a haunted rug and if that doesn't get you to download this episode, nothing will.

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    300th Episode

    Which major supermarket has the best peanut butter ice cream according to Steve? I'll think you'll be pleasantly unsurprised because it is Coles.

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    Jeffery's Land

    Some great power of points info inside!

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    Silver Status

    What's a quarter deluxe? - Stavros, 2019 Have you gotten Hungry Jacks delivered through Menulog yet? I haven't because you can't get angry onions - Also Stavros, 2019

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    Quick Review of Ghostbusters

    Who is the most likely to wear a moon boot? It's Steve. 100%. Also, how much meat did Dante eat and why does he love Adam Sandler's face so much?

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